International Fashion Photographer

I can not remember when I wasn’t involved in fashion. My family and all the neighborhood kids can attest to this. Those kids were whipped into shape with hair, make up and some crazy outfits. Taking that love of fashion forward, I submerged myself into the NYC/International music/fashion/art scene of the late 80s, early 90s. Living in NYC, performing in the old East Village theatres and clubs, directing, choreographing and fronting a hard core rock and roll band (yep, sure did), and photographing fellow artists. All of this contributed to the artistic sides I bring to my work as a photographer today. In 1991, I began working for free, fashion styling and working production, with well known fashion photographers in their studios, I watched the masters at work and learned the business. I kept shooting and it was then I found this amazing space just outside the City on the Jersey side. It wasn’t “cool” then to go to Jersey, but there was no way I was going to loose this huge daylight loft, nothing like I’d ever seen in the City. I moved in, telling myself it was only 14 miles from my beloved New York. Best move I ever made! The studio is an awesome space to shoot in, and the town of Westfield is a beautiful, upscale mini city with lots of green space. In 1993, I threw my self full-time into fashion photography. I just loved it! In six months I was shooting for FORD; from there, the rest is history. I travel internationally for work (Italy is my favorite)! My production team and I create beautiful sustaining images that the industry is always seeking, whether for their ad campaigns, editorials, or look books.

Models and actors alike know if they shoot with me, their images will be unique and represent the essence of what they wish to convey! People tell me they love to work with me because of my direction behind the camera, whether you are a novice, or a veteran. Serious work in a relaxed and fun atmosphere!

I look forward to working with you!